litXLS - Customer Case Study




TDG BV - part of TDG Plc - is a logistics services company offering a broad spectrum of distribution services


Requirements to meet

Convert csv files to Excel xls files. Our SAP system produces 200 csv files daily. We need to convert these to xls and send the xls files to our customers.

Issues to tackle

Excel continually locks up when it is controlled through automation. When we start our project a few times this problem exhibits itself as it seems Excel cannot be fully closed through VB. In our experience excel.exe remains always in memory.

Approach taken

We decided to use litXLS and abandon Excel automation.


Very good. It took a few minutes to convert my current VB project to use litXLS instead of Excel automation. litXLS uses the same syntax and therefore the project was easy to convert. With litXLS our program runs more stable now and it is much faster too.