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Create xls files ... without Excel

Product Information:
litXLS is a software component to create new, binary, native Excel xls files. litXLS does not use MS Excel and therfore Excel does not need to be installed. It is suitable to be used in VB or VB.Net programs but it can also be used through scripting languages such as VBS or ASP.

litXLS was developed in VB6 and compiled as an ActiveX dll. Example projects are provided in VB6 , VBS and VB.Net.

To create xls files using litXLS is fast and easy. To write solutions with litXLS is easy because litXLS fully supports VB intellisense which shows the syntax of the object structure to the programmer. A full API is available as well should the programmer need it.

litXLS can create xls files in seconds. Creating the example spreadsheet - see the image below - took a fraction of a second. You can download a simpel demonstration file here.

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The image below shows an example sheet created by litXLS.