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String - InstrRev

= InStrRev(StringSearched, StringSought, Optional Start, Optional Compare)

Reverse string search. Returns the start position of the last StringSought in StringSearched starting in position Start. When Start is omitted the search starts from the end of the string.

StringSearched : String to be searched for the string StringSought
StringSought : String to be sought in string StringSearched
Start : Optional. Index of the character in StringSearched to start the searching for StringSought. When omitted the search starts at the end of the string.
Compare : Optional. Constant to denote the method of searching: 0 denotes binary compare (Case sensitive) and 1 (default) denotes a text compare.

Find the position of the last Word world in hello world (=0: cannot be found)
=InStrRev("hello world","World")