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String - Instr

=InStr(Optional Start, Optional StringSearched, Optional StringSought, Optional Compare)

Returns the start position of the StringSought in StringSearched starting in position Start.

Start : Optional. Index of the character in StringSearched to start the searching for StringSought
StringSearched : Optional. String to be searched for the string StringSought
StringSought : Optional. String to be sought in string StringSearched
Compare : Optional. Constant to denote the method of searching: 0 denotes binary compare (Case sensitive) and 1 (default) denotes a text compare.

Find the position of the Word world in hello world (=0: cannot be found)
=InStr(1,"hello world","World")
Find the position of the word World in hello world with a text search (case sensitive)
=InStr(1,"hello world","World",1)