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LITlib - Excel Power Functions Pack
First use in Excel 2007 

To view the macro security settings in Excel 2007 please navigate to:
Office Menu / Excel Options / Trust Center / Trust Center Settings / Macro Settings.

On first use of litLIB please ensure that the macro settings are not set to the first option (So do NOT disable all macros without notification). Please use the second option: Disable all macros with notification or set a lower macro security.

Excel 2007 Trust Center

When litLIB starts for the first time you will see a Security Warning just like in the screen print below. Press the Options button to enable the macros in litLIB.

Excel 2007 Security Warning

The Security Options dialog will be shown. Please allow l code from us to run (select the last option). After having made this selection you can go back to the Trust Center to set the macro settings to disable all macros without notification.

Microsoft Office 
                  Security Options

litLIB will add a section to the Formulas tab in the ribbon. Clicking the insert function button the Insert litLIB function screen will be shown. Select  the function you want to use. In our example we selected the Absolute function to compute the absolute value of a number. The basic help message is displayed with parameter help. It is recommended to use the Help on this function button to show a web page with more information about the command.

Absolute function 

After the function was selected the regular Excel function panel will display. Just complete the parameters and the result will show in Excel.

Function Arguments

 Function Result