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LITlib - Excel Power Functions Pack
First use in Excel 2003 

In Excel 2003 the highest macro security level is Very High. litLIB can be run with this highest level of security. For the installation however you need to temporary lower the security to High (or lower).

Before installing litLIB for the first time please go to Tools, Macros and then to Macro Security.

Excel 2003 
                  macro security

The following screen will appear. Please lower the security to High. After the first time use of litLIB you can set it back to Very High.

Settng the 
                  security level in Excel 2003

After setting the security to High restart Excel. When Excel is opened again the following security dialog will show. In this dialog you need to indicate that you trust software from us - Linker IT Software B.V.

 Accept our digital signature

Now you have accepted our digital signature you can go back to the macro security screen and set the Security Level back to Very High. Note that you do need to indicate that you trust all installed add-ins and templates from us as indicated below. If you don't want to use this setting you can keep using the High security level.

Trust all installed add-ins and templates

The litlIB software will show in 2 places in Excel 2000. In the insert menu you will find a new LITlib function menu item. On the toolbar there is a shortcut (the fx icon) to the litLIB Insert Function dialog.

litLIB example

In the Insert function dialog you need to pick a category and within the category a function. The basic help message is displayed with parameter help. It is recommended to use the Help on this function button to show a web page with more information about the command.

WordsMid example

In the example below the WordsMid function is selects words from a string. I have typed a text as the first parameter (Text) but you can also point to a cell (e.g. A1) of course. The StartWord parameter indicated from which word we need to start and the Count parameter indicates how many words we would like to extract.

After a function was selected the regular Excel function panel will display. Just complete the parameters and the result will show in Excel.

WordsMid example.

 WordsMid example