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LITlib - Excel Power Functions Pack
First Use Help 

It is likely litLIB will just start up in Excel but in case it doesn't please read this page for help.

Excel uses a security model that prevents code from running inside Excel. You need to indicate that you trust our software and that you allow litLIB to run within Excel. Usually this means that you should indicate this once and after that you can set your security to the highest level again.

Security options are different in each version of Excel so please consult the page that corresponds to your version of Excel.

Two helper programs are provded and are shipped with the litLIB software. In the start menu you will find a shortcut to them:

welcome.exe: litLIB welcome application
This program will add the necessary configuration to Excel that will allow litLIB to run within it. Sometimes Excel can mark an add-in such that it will not run anymore. An add-in can be blocked. If this has happened then you can use the welcome program to re-add litLIB to Excel.

uninstall_addin.exe: the litLIB removal program
This program will remove the configuration from Excel. The litLIB software is still installed but Excel will not recognise it anymore and will not load it. To fully remove the litLIB software please use the uninstaller from the Control Panel.