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LITlib - Excel Power Functions Pack
Add-in for Excel that adds additional cell functions to Excel.

LITlib adds over 100 functions to Excel. If you are a Visual Basic programmer you will find a lot of the standard Visual Basic functions that are normally not available in Excel like DateAdd, DateDiff, FileLen, Format and many more. A lot more other functions have been added too. Functions to access drive details (drive letter, drive type, free space), as well as information about attributes etc. Have a look at it, you won't be disapointed.

 Please review the full list of new functions available through LITLib.

All new functions are available through our new menu item in Excel. They are also available in the Excel's standard functions browser.

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A activation code is required starting the evaluation of the software. On download you will receive an activation code.

If you want to continue evaluating after expiry of the evaluation period please request a new activation code.

Please note that activation is not required when a license is bought for the software.

Simply use our request form to request the addition of a function you are missing!


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Find below a set of screen prints of the program in action:

Accessing the functions can be done through our new menu item in the insert menu of Excel. The new functions are also visible from Excel's standard function screen.

After choosing to insert one of our functions, the standard Excel window is popped up to ask for the parameters. Everything behaves as you are used to.

We added a lot of file & drive functions into the software. As an example see here how the drive type is retrieved for drive A. Similarly you can get a drive's free space, etc. With the program we ship a drive management spreadsheet as example.