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LIT File Splitter
Splitting large files into smaller pieces
...and joining them back together

Product Information:
LIT File Splitter is an utility to split large files into smaller pieces. The software can later be used to join the pieces back together. A batch file is also provided to join the files in an environment where the LIT File Splitter is not available. This way you can split a file and send it to a colleage or friend who can join the files together again using the batch file.

Often large files are difficult to handle - especially when you need to distribute them. Why not split the file into smaller pieces and join the pieces back together later. You may want to split large files so you can attach the pieces to an email. Another usage would be to split files across multiple floppy disks.

Key Features:
Using the LIT file splitter software you can split large files into smaller files. The program can run in binary and in text mode. In text mode you split the files into files that contain a maximum number of lines. The software will not split a line, only whole lines are copied. In binary mode you devide the file into chunks of a certain byte size.

Optionally the program will write a batch file to join the pieces back together. On the machine where you will run the join batch file, the LIT File Splitter software needs not to be installed.


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