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Adds database access to MS Excel
  • Connect to all common databases
  • Full SQL support: Query, Insert, Update...
  • Create cockpits & dashboards
Secure MS Excel and MS Word documents
  • Protects Word and Excel files from unauthorised viewing
  • Strong encryption & passwords 
  • Adds new save encrypted button to Word and Excel
Secure and lock valuable MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Protects Excel spreadsheets from unauthorised viewing
  • Hides your formulas. 
  •  Your algorithms are safe!
Software Categories
SQL*XL, TinyDBClient, SQL*Debug, Explain, DataEntry, SQL*Codes, SQL*Syntax
SQL*XL, ExcelLock, encOffice, litXLS, litLIB, Outlook2Excel
Huckel, MassSim, MolMass
PrinterTrays, WordDiff, FileSplitter, FontViewer, CommSniff, CommTest, OrderForm, SearchReplace