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Secures a XLS by applying a strong password.

ExcelLock helps you to protect your valuable spreadsheets by applying a strong password.  A strong password is a password that is not based on a dictionary word and that contains a mix of characters numbers and symbols. Excel allows a password with a length up to 20 positions and ExcelLocks makes maximal use of that. That makes it nearly impossible to guess the password of a spreadsheet locked with ExcelLock.

For detailed information on the strength of a password please read the following page:
Strength of a password


The ExcelLock software uses an Unlock Key with which the the locked file can be viewed in the ExcelLock viewer software. It is only in this ExcelLock viewer software that the locked Excel file can be viewed. If the unlock key is used in Excel to open the locked file, Excel will not allow access.

For example an unlock key looks like this: VYX]nphDZ`\nnZWZYZ[bg]j[kmmhADklloiXinY]qgj[kj]liWWZ. It is longer than the standard 20 character password Excel allows and the ExcelLock viewer software can determine whether the key is valid key or not. All this was designed so that the file can only be viewed under the tight control of the ExcelLock viewer software.

When sending a valuable spreadsheet you lock the spreadsheet to produce a .lck.xls file. Your original spreadsheet will remain unaltered. You can safely send the .lck.xls file by email for example. If intercepted by someone it is useless without the unlock key.

Separately you should supply the unlock key. Send it separately from the locked Excel file.

Using the ExcelLock viewer software the recipient can view your file. You can redistribute the ExcelLock viewer software free of charge. It can obviously be downloaded from our site if required.

Please note that Excel is not fully functional when your locked file is viewed. No toolbar, menu or ribbon is shown. Otherwise the Excel file works as normal.