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Scrambles a spreadsheet and applies strong encryption.

ExcelLock helps you to scramble the information in a spreadsheet so nobody can read it. In this topic we will demonstrate how easy it is to view information in an ordinary spreadsheet. Even applying a password will not help. You need to scramble the contents of the file and you can use ExcelLock to do it.

Information in an ordinary Excel spreadsheet can be viewed by anyone. Even when a password is set on the file you can view the file in notepad and read the information that is stored in it. To quickly demonstrate this the spreadsheet below was prepared. It contains the text: This is a secret message.

Spreadsheet containing the text: secret message

This spreadsheet can be very easily viewed in a text editor bypassing Excel's security completely. For example when it is viewed in notepad you can just see the text in between the binary data making up the xls spreadsheet file. Look closely and you also discover that you can see the names of the worksheets (Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3). It gives away quite a lot of information and perhaps you don't want others to know. 

Therefore when sending important and classified information Excel should not be used without using a scrambler. Strong encryption needs to be applied and the file needs to be secured using a strong password. ExcelLock can provide both.

Showing that text saved in a xls file can be viewed in a text editor.

After securing the Excel file with strong encryption and with a password the text cannot be found anymore. In the screen print below it is demonstrated that although the file can stil be viewed with a text editor, the contents are not visible anymore. Everything is scrambled. You cannot find the text information anymore and other spreadsheet characteristics are scrambled as well.

Information in a locked Excel file is scrambled.