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Key features.

ExcelLock locks and secures your spreadsheet by scrambling the Excel file. The secured file can only be opened using the free ExcelLock viewer. In the ExcelLock viewer the secured file can be opened but only by applying an unlock key. The ExcelLock viewer will display the file in Excel but it will remove all toolbars, menus and the ribbon. This way the file can only be viewed and used. The file cannot be changed and formulas are not visible. 

For a detailed explanation of how ExcelLock works please read the ExcelLock step-by-step process page.

Key features:

  •  Scrambles the spreadsheet using strong encryption.
  •  Secures the spreadsheet by applying a strong password.
  •  An unlock key is necessary to view the secured file in the ExcelLock viewer.
  •  Analyses the spreadsheet and locks all cells with formulas and it protects all worksheets.
  •  No renaming of the secured file is allowed..
  •  Cannot be viewed directly in Excel, the only way to view is through the ExcelLock viewer.
  •  Removing Excel toolbars, menus and ribbon the ExcelLock viewer will display the secured file.
  •  Locked spreadsheet remains fully functional. Formulas are calculated but cannot be changed. Changes to cell values can be saved to the file.


Read more... (step-by-step process)


  • Windows
  • MS Excel: ExcelLock: Excel 2002/XP or higher.  ExcelLock viewer: Excel 2000 or higher.