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Make Excel files read-only and hide all formulas and algorithms.

ExcelLock is program that locks down and secures your spreadsheet. The spreadsheet becomes read-only, all formulas will be hidden and nothing can be modified. Only the cells on the spreadsheet that you have marked can be modified. By default all cells are read-only.

excellock When you lock your spreadsheet a copy of your file will be saved with the extension .lck.xls and an unlock key will be generated. ExcelLock will apply strong encryption so the binary .lck.xls file becomes scrambled.

The locked .lck.xls file is password protected. It can only be opened by applying the unlock key in the  ExcelLock viewer. It is not possible to open the file directly in Excel. This ensures that while the file can only be viewed, no formulas can be seen or modified, no changes can be applied to the file.

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