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Hiding formulas in Excel.

ExcelLock helps you to hide your Excel formulas. This way the algoritms you used for your computations are not visible in the locked Excel file. When a locked file is viewed in Excel through the ExcelLock viewer the formulas cannot be recovered. The cell shows the result and the formula editor cannot be displayed.

When ExcelLock locks the spreadsheet it will scan the file looking for any unsecured formulas. ExcelLock will hide these formulas automatically when the file is locked. An analysis will be performed on cells that can be changed as well. By default cells are not changeable. If you want to allow cells values to be changed you need to unlock them using the Excel format cell function (protection tab).

If hiding formulas this way is not secure enough for you we can offer the service to put the formulas in a dll. The function calls in the spreadsheet can be replaced to calls to a dll where we can implement your algorithms. We can make an installer for you that installs the dll with the ExcelLock viewer so the end-user has everything needed to view your file. Please contact us if you would like to know more.