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User Manual

When EncOffice is installed, you'll find a new "Save Encrypted" button in the toolbar of Word and Excel.

Save Encrypted button in Word and Excel

This manual describes how to use the "Save Encrypted" button to create a secure file.

Create a secure Word or Excel file in 4 steps

  1. Create a normal spreadsheet or document
  2. Click "Save Encrypted" button
  3. Generate a strong password
  4. Finished

1. Create a normal spreadsheet or document

Enter some test content in the file and save it with the normal "Save" button.

2. Click "Save Encrypted" button

Click on the "Save Encrypted" button. The following screen appears:

You can fill in your own password here, or click "Generate a Password" to let EncOffice generate a strong password for you.

3. Generate a strong password

Click on the password you like to use and choose "Copy to Clipboard". This makes it easy to paste the password into a file or e-mail afterwards.

Now click "Select" to choose this password to protect the document. In the next screen click "OK".

4. Finished

Now an encrypted version of the file is saved with extension ".enc.doc" or ".enc.xls".

As a result you've got the original (unencrypted) "*.doc" or "*.xls" file and the encrypted ".enc.doc" or ".enc.xls" file.

The encrypted version ("*.enc.doc" or "*.enc.xls") can be used to e-mail the document to someone or store it on a shared directory.

It can be opened with Word or Excel 2002/2003/2007. To open this password protected file you don't need EncOffice.

Store the password in a separate file. Just open a new Word or Notepad document and use Edit --> Paste (Ctrl-V). You'll see the password appear and can store it on a safe place, for example your USB-stick.