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First use

An action may be required in Excel or Word when you start it the first time after the installation of encOffice. Depending on your MS Office version a different message may be displayed or a different action may be required.  

Select your version of MS Office

Office 2010 x64 (64 bits)

EncOffice will run in Office 2010 however its digital certificate is not recognised. This means that you cannot work in high macro security in Office 2010 x64. Please note that the highest security is allowed in all other versions of MS Office including the 32bits version of Office 2010.

You need to make the following changes to your Excel options:
Excel options - Trust center - Macro settings:

Check the option to enable all macros

Excel options - Trust center - Addins:

Uncheck the option to require application addins to be signed
Uncheck the option "Disable all application addins"

Starting Excel the following message will be displayed:
Excel 2010 - Enable Content


Office 2010 x86 (32 bits)

In Office 2010 you may see the following message after you have installed encOffice. Press the button to enable encOffice.

Excel 2010 - Enable Content

The behavior of Office is determined by the settings you made in the Excel options. The most important setting is in the Add-ins section of the trust center. To inspect your settings please to go Excel Options - Trust Center - Addins:

Excel 2010 - Enable Content

In the macro settings section of the trust center, ensure that the first option is NOT selected. It is recommended to select the 3rd option and to accept all code from the us.

Excel 2010 - Enable Content


Office 2007

Starting Excel may display the following message. If you do not see this message and encOffice cannot be used in Excel please check your Excel options. Screen prints are provided below.

Press the Options button. Then the security options will be displayed.

In the security options, please chose to Enable all code published by this publisher.  This will not display the security warning again. If you chose option 2: Enable this add-in for this session only, you will get the security warning each time you use encOffice.


 Several Excel settings may affect these security messages and determine whether encOffice can run. The most important settings are in the Macro Settings. Go to Excel Options - Trust Center. Press the button to open the Trust Center. Select Macro Settings. The dialog below is displayed. If your macro settings are set to option 1 "Disable all macros without notification" encOffice will not be displayed. Use option 2 or 3 to allow encOffice to run in Excel or Word.


In the security options (second screen print) you can indicate that you trust all code published by this publisher. When you select this option (recommended) our digital certificate is added to the list of trusted publishers. This may look like this:




Office 2003

Starting Excel may display the following message.

Excel 2003 - Security warning

 If you do not see the above message and encOffice cannot be used in Excel it is likely that the macro security is set to very high. Temporarily lower it to high to accept the digital certificate. Then set it back to very high.

Go to Tools - Macro - Security

Tools - Macro - Security

Select temporarily the High security option (or lower) so the message at the top is displayed. After accepting the digital certificate the option can be set to Very High again.

High macro security


Office 2002 (XP)

It is unlikely that any problems arise in Office 2002. But if you don't see the secure save option check the menu Tools - Macro - Security section:

Tools - Macro - Security

You can keep the security on High even during installation. If you do have problems, temporarily lower it.

High macro security