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Adds database access to MS Excel
  • Connect to all common databases
  • Full SQL support: Query, Insert, Update...
  • Create cockpits & dashboards
Oracle access from Internet Explorer
  • Local IE interface for Oracle
  • Perform queries
  • Execute SQL & P/SQL
Oracle PL/SQL debugger
  • View debug information from Oracle PL/SQL
  • Tune into a specific Oracle session
  • Real-time error messages
Oracle execution plan generator
  • Generates Oracle execution plans
  • Oracle forms interface
Oracle data entry software
  • Data entry into any Oracle database table
  • Oracle forms interface
Oracle error code help file
  • Oracle error codes explained.
  • Hints and tips how to resolve the errors
  • Stand-alone help file
SQL syntax help file
  • Oracle SQL Syntax help
  • Stand alone help file
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