Order Form Help

The order process consists of 4 screens:

Screen 1: Choose Software/Services
Screen 2: Customer Details & Payment Options
Screen 3: Order Summary
Screen 4: Credit Card Details

Screen 1: Choose Software/Services
  Specify the software and services you wish to purchase.

Product From the dropdown select the software product you wish to buy.
Service From the dropdown select the service you wish to buy.
Unit Price This field is automatically completed when a product is chosen. The unit price of the product
Units From the dropdown select the number of units you wish to buy.
Price This field is calculated automatically. The total price for the licenses of the product.
Screen 2: Customer Details & Payment Options
  Specify your details. It is vital so specify the correct email address as the order will be shipped to this address.

Name Your name.
Company Your company name. Optional
Country Specify the country from which you order. If you live in the EC you will be charged value added tax (VAT).
Email address Important:
Specify the email address where the products are shipped to.
Payment method We recommend you to pay by credit card. If you wish to pay by an alternative method please specify it here.
Screen 3 Order Summary
   In this screen the details of the order are summarised. Using the Previous button you can go back to the previous screens to make changes.

Order Items The items that will be billed to you.
Total Amount The total amount due.
Customer Details Your details.

Check if the email address is correct as the products will be shipped to this address.
Screen 4 Credit Card Details
Across a secure link you are connected to the credit card page. Type your credit card details here. When the transaction is complete we will send the software to you as soon as possible. Your credit card details are only used within the bank system of Worldpay and they will not be send to Linker IT Software BV.