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SQL Tool 

A SQL tool is software that is used to interact with databases.

SQL is a standard language to interact with databases. A good SQL tool lets you access databases from all major database vendors. SQL tools can help to write the SQL in a friendly SQL console where the SQL can also be executed. Some tools offer factilities that either hide the SQL completely or help you to build the SQL. A database or schema viewer / browser is usually provided that can be used without doing any SQL programming at all. Query builders are usually provided to help you to make database queries.

SQL*XL is an example of a SQL tool. It works within the excellent data analysis environment of MS Excel. Using a spreadsheet as a console for running and manipulating SQL it can provide great flexibility in accessing databases. SQL can be typed into the SQL*XL dialogs or it can be taken from the spreadsheet. Data flows directly into the spreadsheet or spreadsheet data can flow directly into the database.

A free demo of SQL*XL is available for download. To try SQL*XL download it now!