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SQL Query

With SQL Query a SQL select statement is meant. SQL stands for Standard Query Language. It is the language used to communicated with databases. A query or select statement is a SQL command to retrieve information from the database. It is called a query as usually a so called where clause is given to the select statement to indicate which data needs to be retrieved from the database.

A SQL Query or select statement in its most simpel form has the following syntax:
select columnames from table

It retrieves only a named set of columns from a particular table. Which columns and tables are available need to be known. SQL Query tools such as SQL*XL help you with that in that they present a list of available database tables and show their constituent column names.

To retrieve all columns use an asterisk: select * from table. Example:
select ename, sal from emp

This statement retrieves the ename and sal columns of the emp table.

The optional where clause of the SQL Query is the place where you can specify which data to retrieve. Simpel logical conditions can be given to indicate what we want to return. Best to give an example:
select ename, sal from emp where sal > 1000 and job = 'consultant'

This query returns the name and salary of all employees from the emp table having a salaray sal more than 1000 and that have a consultant job.

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