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The SQL Excel combination is a powerful one. SQL (Simple Query Language) is a language to interact with databases. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. The SQL*XL software combines SQL and Excel to make working with databases as easy as working with a spreadsheet.

Using SQL, large amounts of data in tables can be combined quickly and easily. SQL is not limited to data retrieval and can also be used to define and manipulate data and database objects. Further there exist programming language versions of SQL. In Oracle databases PL/SQL is used and in Microsoft SQL the T-SQL language can be used to make SQL programs.

Spreadsheets are used for data storage and analysis. Excel is the most important spreadsheet program in use today. Data can be combined with functions to be used for sophisticated analysis. In addition Excel offers basic graphing facilities as well as programming functions in the VBA macro language.

The SQL Excel combination implemented in the SQL*XL software enables the easy use of SQL in the Excel software. It adds database capabilities to Excel. SQL*XL is fully integrated with Excel. It adds a user interface for databases, new spreadsheet functions and it can be used through the VBA macro language as well.