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Functional groups (Read 2477 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Functional groups
22.01.15 at 17:07:33
Functional groups
Functional groups are specific atoms, ions, or groups of atoms having consistent properties. A functional group makes up part of a larger molecule
Chemical class      Group      Formula
Acyl halide      Haloformyl      RCOX
Alcohol      Hydroxyl      OH
Aldehyde      Aldehyde      RCHO
Alkane      Alkyl      RHn
Alkene      Alkenyl      R2C=CR2
Alkyne      Alkynyl      RC≡CR'
Amide      Carboxamide      RCONR2
Amines      Primary amine      RNH2
     Secondary amine      R2NH
     Tertiary amine      R3N
     4 ammonium ion      R4N+
Aryl refers to any functional group or substituent derived from an aromatic ring
Azo compound      Azo      RN2R'
Toluene derivative      Benzyl      RCH2C6H5
Carbonate      Carbonate ester      ROCOOR
Carboxylate      Carboxylate      RCOO−
Carboxylic acid      Carboxyl      RCOOH
Cyanates      Cyanate      ROCN
     Thiocyanate      RSCN
Ether      Ether      ROR'
Ester      Ester      RCOOR'
Haloalkane      Halo      RX
Hydroperoxide (see organic peroxide)      Hydroperoxy      ROOH
Imine      Primary ketimine      RC(=NH)R'
     Secondary ketimine      RC(=NR)R'
     Primary aldimine      RC(=NH)H
     Secondary aldimine      RC(=NR')H
Isocyanide      Isocyanide      RNC
Isocyanates      Isocyanate      RNCO
     Isothiocyanate      RNCS
Ketone      Ketone      RCOR'
Nitrile      Nitrile      RCN
Nitro compound      Nitro      RNO2
Nitroso compound      Nitroso      RNO
Peroxide      Peroxy      ROOR
Benzene derivative      Phenyl      RC6H5
Phosphine      Phosphino      R3P
Phosphodiester      Phosphate      HOPO(OR)2
Phosphonic acid      Phosphono      RP(=O)(OH)2
Phosphate      Phosphate      ROP(=O)(OH)2
Pyridine derivative      Pyridyl      RC5H4N
Sulfide            RSR'
Sulfone      Sulfonyl      RSO2R'
Sulfonic acid      Sulfo      RSO3H
Sulfoxide      Sulfinyl      RSOR'
Thiol      Sulfhydryl      RSH
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