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Silicon vs Carbon (Read 2265 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Silicon vs Carbon
22.01.15 at 16:53:21
Silicon vs Carbon
Silicon atoms ar about 50% larger than carbon (the polarisability of Si is larger). This has several ramifications, including:
  • Lower barriers to Si-X bond rotations
  • Less stable pi bonds
  • Si forms fewer stablel multiple bonds than C.
    The smaller electronegativity of Si will result in more polar Si-X bonds.
    Bonds to Si as longer than bonds to C, however the bonds to Si are stronger.
    The 3p double bond in X2Si=SiX2 is weaker than the 2p double bond in X2C=CX2.
    The electronegativity of Si and C are different, and they also compare differently to H:
    E.N. H > E.N. Si
    E.N. H < E.N. C
    In CH4 the charge on each H atom is +0.2 whereas in SiH4 the charge on each H is -0.13. The opposite polarity of Si and C in these molecules is one of the biggest differences in carbon and silicon chemistry.
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