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Silent install (Read 2991 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Silent install
09.10.14 at 11:37:07
Silent install
It is possible to perform an installation of our software in which no input from the user is required. It involves capturing the setup files at the first stage of the install, which is basically an unzip operation. Then the setup program should be run with a runtime parameter.
  • Open an MS-DOS box
  • Type cd %temp%
  • It is helpful to clean your temporary files directory
  • Now from windows explorer, double click the installer (e.g. sqlxl52.exe)
  • A new directory is created in the temporary files called ~sfx????
  • From the MS-DOS box cd into this directory and copy all files as:
    copy * ..
  • Go back to the temporary files directory by typing: cd ..
  • Now run the setup.exe program using the following command:
    setup /s mylogfile.txt
    The software will be silently installed and any messages will be logged to the file.
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