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Trappable OLEDB errors (Read 5668 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Trappable OLEDB errors
26.08.14 at 09:10:04
Trappable OLEDB errors
Trappable errors raised by OLE or OLE-DB to ADO. This list was compiled from a more complete list in Winerror.h file, which ships with the Win32 SDK. The other errors are less likely to be raised to ADO.
   Unsigned     Signed
     HRESULT   Hex HRESULT                    Description
   ----------  -----------  ----------------------------------------------
   0x80000001  -2147483647  Not implemented
   0x80000002  -2147483646  Ran out of memory
   0x80000003  -2147483645  One or more arguments are invalid
   0x80000004  -2147483644  No such interface supported
   0x80000005  -2147483643  Invalid pointer
   0x80000006  -2147483642  Invalid handle
   0x80000007  -2147483641  Operation aborted
   0x80000008  -2147483640  Unspecified error
   0x80000009  -2147483639  General access denied error
   0x8000000A  -2147483638  The data necessary to complete this operation
                           is not yet available.
   0x80004001  -2147467263  Not implemented
   0x80004002  -2147467262  No such interface supported
   0x80004003  -2147467261  Invalid pointer
   0x80004004  -2147467260  Operation aborted
   0x80004005  -2147467259  Unspecified error
   0x80004006  -2147467258  Thread local storage failure
   0x80004007  -2147467257  Get shared memory allocator failure
   0x80004008  -2147467256  Get memory allocator failure
   0x80004009  -2147467255  Unable to initialize class cache
   0x8000400A  -2147467254  Unable to initialize RPC services
   0x8000400B  -2147467253  Cannot set thread local storage channel control
   0x8000400C  -2147467252  Could not allocate thread local storage channel
   0x8000400D  -2147467251  The user supplied memory allocator is
   0x8000400E  -2147467250  The OLE service mutex already exists
   0x8000400F  -2147467249  The OLE service file mapping already exists
   0x80004010  -2147467248  Unable to map view of file for OLE service
   0x80004011  -2147467247  Failure attempting to launch OLE service
   0x80004012  -2147467246  There was an attempt to call CoInitialize a
                           second time while single threaded
   0x80004013  -2147467245  A Remote activation was necessary but was not
   0x80004014  -2147467244  A Remote activation was necessary but the
                           server name provided was invalid
   0x80004015  -2147467243  The class is configured to run as a security
                           id different from the caller
   0x80004016  -2147467242  Use of Ole1 services requiring DDE windows is
   0x80004017  -2147467241  A RunAs specification must be
                           <domain name>\<user name> or simply <user name>
   0x80004018  -2147467240  The server process could not be started.  The
                           pathname may be incorrect.
   0x80004019  -2147467239  The server process could not be started as the
                           configured identity.  The pathname may be
                           incorrect or unavailable.
   0x8000401A  -2147467238  The server process could not be started because
                           the configured identity is incorrect.  Check
                           the username and password.
   0x8000401B  -2147467237  The client is not allowed to launch this
   0x8000401C  -2147467236  The service providing this server could not
                           be started.
   0x8000401D  -2147467235  This computer was unable to communicate with
                           the computer providing the server.
   0x8000401E  -2147467234  The server did not respond after being
   0x8000401F  -2147467233  The registration information for this server
                           is inconsistent or incomplete.
   0x80004020  -2147467232  The registration information for this interface
                           is inconsistent or incomplete.
   0x80004021  -2147467231  The operation attempted is not supported.
   0x8000FFFF  -2147418113  Catastrophic failure
   0x80070005  -2147024891  General access denied error
   0x80070006  -2147024890  Invalid handle
   0x8007000E  -2147024882  Ran out of memory
   0x80070057  -2147024809  One or more arguments are invalid
INFO: Underlying OLE and OLEDB Provider Errors Are Exposed Through ADO;EN-US;q168354&GSSNB=1
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
YaBB Administrator

Posts: 75
Re: Trappable OLEDB errors
Reply #1 - 26.08.14 at 09:10:49
Trappable OLEDB errors
This list was compiled from the Oledberr.h file, which ships with the OLE-DB SDK:
   Unsigned     Signed
     HRESULT   Hex HRESULT                    Description
   ----------  -----------  ----------------------------------------------
   0x80040E00  -2147217920  Invalid accessor
   0x80040E01  -2147217919  Creating another row would have exceeded the
                           total number of active rows supported by the
   0x80040E02  -2147217918  Unable to write with a read-only accessor
   0x80040E03  -2147217917  Given values violate the database schema
   0x80040E04  -2147217916  Invalid row handle
   0x80040E05  -2147217915  An object was open
   0x80040E06  -2147217914  Invalid chapter
   0x80040E07  -2147217913  A literal value in the command could not be                                   converted to the correct type due to a reason
                           other than data overflow
   0x80040E08  -2147217912  Invalid binding info
   0x80040E09  -2147217911  Permission denied
   0x80040E0A  -2147217910  Specified column does not contain bookmarks or
   0x80040E0B  -2147217909  Some cost limits were rejected
   0x80040E0C  -2147217908  No command has been set for the command object
   0x80040E0D  -2147217907  Unable to find a query plan within the given
                           cost limit
   0x80040E0E  -2147217906  Invalid bookmark
   0x80040E0F  -2147217905  Invalid lock mode
   0x80040E10  -2147217904  No value given for one or more required
   0x80040E11  -2147217903  Invalid column ID
   0x80040E12  -2147217902  Invalid ratio
   0x80040E13  -2147217901  Invalid value
   0x80040E14  -2147217900  The command contained one or more errors
   0x80040E15  -2147217899  The executing command cannot be canceled
   0x80040E16  -2147217898  The provider does not support the specified
   0x80040E17  -2147217897  A data source with the specified name already
   0x80040E18  -2147217896  The rowset was builtover a live data feed and
                           cannot be restarted
   0x80040E19  -2147217895  No key matching the described characteristics
                           could be found within the current range
   0x80040E1A  -2147217894  Ownership of this tree has been given to the
   0x80040E1B  -2147217893  The provider is unable to determine identity
                           for newly inserted rows
   0x80040E1C  -2147217892  No nonzero weights specified for any goals
                           supported, so goal was rejected; current goal
                           was not changed
   0x80040E1D  -2147217891  Requested conversion is not supported
   0x80040E1E  -2147217890  lRowsOffset would position you past either end
                           of the rowset, regardless of the cRows value
                           specified; cRowsObtained is 0
   0x80040E1F  -2147217889  Information was requested for a query, and the
                           query was not set
   0x80040E20  -2147217888  Provider called a method from IRowsetNotify in
                           the consumer and NT
   0x80040E21  -2147217887  Errors occurred
   0x80040E22  -2147217886  A non-NULL controlling IUnknown was specified
                           and the object being created does not support
   0x80040E23  -2147217885  A given HROW referred to a hard- or soft-
                           deleted row
   0x80040E24  -2147217884  The rowset does not support fetching backwards
   0x80040E25  -2147217883  All HROWs must be released before new ones can
                           be obtained
   0x80040E26  -2147217882  One of the specified storage flags was not
   0x80040E27  -2147217881  The comparison operator was invalid
   0x80040E28  -2147217880  The specified status flag was neither
   0x80040E29  -2147217879  The rowset cannot scroll backwards
   0x80040E2A  -2147217878  Invalid region handle
   0x80040E2B  -2147217877  The specified set of rows was not contiguous to
                           or overlapping the rows in the specified watch
   0x80040E2C  -2147217876  A transition from ALL* to MOVE* or EXTEND* was
   0x80040E2D  -2147217875  The specified region is not a proper subregion
                           of the region identified by the given watch
                           region handle
   0x80040E2E  -2147217874  The provider does not support multi-statement
   0x80040E2F  -2147217873  A specified value violated the integrity
                           constraints for a column or table
   0x80040E30  -2147217872  The given type name was unrecognized
   0x80040E31  -2147217871  Execution aborted because a resource limit has
                           been reached; no results have been returned
   0x80040E32  -2147217870  Cannot clone a command object whose command
                           tree contains a rowset or rowsets
   0x80040E33  -2147217869  Cannot represent the current tree as text
   0x80040E34  -2147217868  The specified index already exists
   0x80040E35  -2147217867  The specified index does not exist
   0x80040E36  -2147217866  The specified index was in use
   0x80040E37  -2147217865  The specified table does not exist
   0x80040E38  -2147217864  The rowset was using optimistic concurrency and
                           the value of a column has been changed since
                           it was last read
   0x80040E39  -2147217863  Errors were detected during the copy
   0x80040E3A  -2147217862  A specified precision was invalid
   0x80040E3B  -2147217861  A specified scale was invalid
   0x80040E3C  -2147217860  Invalid table ID
   0x80040E3D  -2147217859  A specified type was invalid
   0x80040E3E  -2147217858  A column ID was occurred more than once in the
   0x80040E3F  -2147217857  The specified table already exists
   0x80040E40  -2147217856  The specified table was in use
   0x80040E41  -2147217855  The specified locale ID was not supported
   0x80040E42  -2147217854  The specified record number is invalid
   0x80040E43  -2147217853  Although the bookmark was validly formed, no
                           row could be found to match it
   0x80040E44  -2147217852  The value of a property was invalid
   0x80040E45  -2147217851  The rowset was not chaptered
   0x80040E46  -2147217850  Invalid accessor
   0x80040E47  -2147217849  Invalid storage flags
   0x80040E48  -2147217848  By-ref accessors are not supported by this
   0x80040E49  -2147217847  Null accessors are not supported by this
   0x80040E4A  -2147217846  The command was not prepared
   0x80040E4B  -2147217845  The specified accessor was not a parameter
   0x80040E4C  -2147217844  The given accessor was write-only
   0x80040E4D  -2147217843  Authentication failed
   0x80040E4E  -2147217842  The change was canceled during notification; no
                           columns are changed
   0x80040E4F  -2147217841  The rowset was single-chaptered and the chapter
                           was not released
   0x80040E50  -2147217840  Invalid source handle
   0x80040E51  -2147217839  The provider cannot derive parameter info and
                           SetParameterInfo has not been called
   0x80040E52  -2147217838  The data source object is already initialized
   0x80040E53  -2147217837  The provider does not support this method
   0x80040E54  -2147217836  The number of rows with pending changes has
                           exceeded the set limit
   0x80040E55  -2147217835  The specified column did not exist
   0x80040E56  -2147217834  There are pending changes on a row with a
                           reference count of zero
   0x80040E57  -2147217833  A literal value in the command overflowed the
                           range of the type of the associated column
   0x80040E58  -2147217832  The supplied HRESULT was invalid
   0x80040E59  -2147217831  The supplied LookupID was invalid
   0x80040E5A  -2147217830  The supplied DynamicErrorID was invalid
   0x80040E5B  -2147217829  Unable to get visible data for a newly-inserted
                           row that has not yet been updated
   0x80040E5C  -2147217828  Invalid conversion flag
   0x80040E5D  -2147217827  The given parameter name was unrecognized
   0x80040E5E  -2147217826  Multiple storage objects can not be open
   0x80040E5F  -2147217825  The requested filter could not be opened
   0x80040E60  -2147217824  The requested order could not be opened
   0x80040E61  -2147217823  Bad tuple
   0x80040E62  -2147217822  Bad coordinate
   0x80040E63  -2147217821  The given axis was not valid for this Dataset
   0x80040E64  -2147217820  One or more of the given cell ordinals was invalid
   0x80040E65  -2147217819  The supplied columnID was invalid
   0x80040E67  -2147217817  The supplied command does not have a DBID (Note:                             DBID is SQL shorthand for Database ID.)
   0x80040E68  -2147217816  The supplied DBID already exists
   0x80040E69  -2147217815  The maximum number of Sessions supported by the
                           provider has already been created. The consumer
                           must release one or more currently held Sessions
                           before obtaining a new Session object
   0x80040E72  -2147217806  The index ID is invalid
   0x80040E73  -2147217805  The initialization string does not conform
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
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