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CDG-01071 : Oracle Designer Error (Read 2820 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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CDG-01071 : Oracle Designer Error
14.05.14 at 15:48:33
CDG-01071 : Oracle Designer Error
The CDG-01071 error was received when generating an Oracle forms module from Oracle designer 10.1.
Error code: CDG-01071
Error message: Path for Object Library/Template %s is inconsistent with Forms Path
Cause :  
The Forms Path registry variable includes  another directory (of higher precedence) which contains an object library/template with the same  name. If the generated form is compiled/run, with the current registry settings, the object library/template from a different directory will take precedence and be used by the Forms Compiler.
Action :  
Modify the Forms Path registry variable to include the template/object library path. Ensure this path has a higher precedence than any other directories which include an object library/template of the same name.
I changed the FORMS_PATH key in branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle\KEY_DevSuiteHome1. I prefixed the FORMS_PATH with a new directory: FORMS_PATH= new value ; old value.  
Source: dg_messages.htm
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