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Installing VB6 in Windows 8.1 (Read 12818 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Installing VB6 in Windows 8.1
12.03.14 at 09:22:21
Installing VB6 in Windows 8.1
When installing Visual Basic 6 (VB6) in Windows 8.1 (Win8) x86 the following problem is encountered. The installer tries to run ACMBOOT which is a 16bit application. The error message indicates that there is an option to turn on the support for 16bit applications, however I couldn't find it.  
With the discontinued setup procedure I selected the acmboot (in the root of the installation CD) and ran it in windows xp sp3 compatibility. With it the VB6 installation, or actually the visual studio 6, installation resumed to completion. This was tested on windows 8.1.
The Service Pack 5 and 6 installed without problems and without running it in compatibility mode.
The cummulative update for VB6 SP6 also installed without problem.
The VB6 program needs to be started in XP SP3 compatibility mode otherwise an automation error is received (but it seems to work fine afterwards). This is fully described in the following article:
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