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Windows 8.1: Adding a new user account (Read 2245 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Windows 8.1: Adding a new user account
07.03.14 at 14:30:32
Windows 8.1: Adding a new user account
It is slightly different to add a new user account to windows 8.1 in comparison to older windows versions.
Getting around with the new metro interface is a little cumbersome for a start. Pressing the windows start key on the keyboard conveniently hides it or gets you back to the familiar desktop view.
Clicking the windows start button on the desktop the metro interace appears again. Press the down arrow to get a program list. The configuration screen is located in the system section. Open the user accounts section. Here the changes start.
To add a new account, first you must select to administrate another account. In the next screen in small letters at the bottom select to add a new user. Next click the button to add a new user. The next screen asks for an email address. Continue to add a new account without microsoft account. Windows says it is not recommended. Why? It explains a little in the next window. I continue to create a new local account. Finally here a new user account can be created.
To set the account type you must first select the account again before you can change its type.
To get rid of the control panel displaying full screen it seems necessary to press the windows start button again on the keyboard and then to go to the desktop by clicking the tile. Now the control panel appears again as a 'normal' window.  
Logging in for the first time as the new user it seems it is necessary that a lot of additional config needs to be applied. It takes a minute or two staring at a very colourful screen...
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