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Solar Cell Voltage Current Characterisation (Read 3409 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Solar Cell Voltage Current Characterisation
06.06.13 at 14:32:49
Solar Cell Voltage Current Characterisation
Solar cell is a semiconductor PN junction diode, that provides electrical power to a load when illuminated.
Isc = Short circuit current
The current that flows with zero external resistance (V= 0). It is the maximum current delivered by the solar cell at any illumination level.  
Voc = Open circuit potential
The potential that develops across the terminals of the solar cell when the external load resistance is very large.
Voc is usally taken as the HOMO-LUMO difference.
Pmax = Maximum power = max(I x V)
In the IV characteristic the maximum power is not found at the extremes (V=0 or V=max or I=0 or I=max) but at the point where the IxV is maximum.
FF = Fill Factor = Pmax / ( Isc * Vsc )
ηmax = maximum solar cell efficiency = Pmax / Pin = ratio between the maximum delivered power devided by the incident power (usually taken as 1 W/mm^2)
The Shockley Queisser limit is the theoretical maximum efficiency of a solar cell. It is usually depicted as a plot of the efficiency versus the band gap.
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