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SHG: Second Harmonic Generation (Read 3206 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SHG: Second Harmonic Generation
17.12.12 at 13:03:29
SHG: Second Harmonic Generation
Second harmonic generation (SHG; also called frequency doubling) is a nonlinear optical process, in which photons interacting with a nonlinear material are effectively "combined" to form new photons with twice the energy, and therefore twice the frequency and half the wavelength of the initial photons.
The SHG phenomenon can be arrived at from considering the dipole of a molecule in a oscillating E field:
μ(E)=μ0 + βE2 ; E=E0cos(ωt)  
μ(E)=μ0 + βE0cos2(ωt)  
μ(E)=μ0 + βE02 [1+cos(2ωt)]
      + βE02                  : linear effect, oscillating at pulsation ω
      + βE02cos(2ωt)      : non-linear effect oscillating at 2x the fundamental pulsation: 2ω
See also:
NLO: NonLinear optics
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