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encOffice: securing medical reports (Read 2692 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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encOffice: securing medical reports
08.08.12 at 11:24:39
encOffice: securing medical reports
As a home transcriptionist, I need to send files encrypted with a password that cannot be viewed at all without the password; i.e., read only is not enough. The files contain medical reports.

Word 2007 does this, my Word 2003 does not. Does your product do this for Word 2003?

Thank you for your question.
Word 2003 should certainly also be able to do this, just like 2007. In all cases our encOffice software will do it by placing in both versions of office a new secure safe button (safe button with a security key icon) to make a password protected and encrypted copy. On the receiving end no encOffice is required, MS Office can handle the decryption and password handling.
I do recommend you to use encOffice for the following reason. encOffice helps you pick a secure password it also ensures that the correct encryption is used. Why is encryption needed? Without encryption the files are just readable as plain text. So although Word refuses to open it when you don't supply the password, you can just read the document in notepad or any other text viewer (you see some strange symbols too but the crusial thing is that your text is readable!).
We are warning against this for years and only slowly people start to pick up on this. The analogue to sending letters is a good one. Without encryption your password secured Word file is just as secure as writing text on a picture postcard and asking the postman to look the other way. With encryption you can view your document as being sent as a closed letter and with the additional security that if someone opens it, the text is completely unreadable. Only when Word received the password it will decrypt the file and the text is readable.
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