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Quasi Particle (Read 2747 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Quasi Particle
08.07.12 at 23:00:44
Quasi Particle
Quasiparticles and collective excitations (which are closely related) are emergent phenomena that occur when a microscopically complicated system such as a solid behaves as if it contained different (fictitious) weakly interacting particles in free space.

  • electron quasi particle
    Electron as affected by the other forces and interactions in the solid. Same charge and spin as a normal electron; is also a fermion. It has an effective mass and its electric field is screened.
  • photon quasiparticle / polariton
    Photon as affected by its interactions with the material. It has a modified relation between wavelength and energy (dispersion relation), as described by the material's index of refraction. It may also be termed a polariton, especially near a resonance of the material.
  • hole
    The lack of an electron in a state.
  • phonon
    Collective excitation associated with the vibration of atoms in a rigid crystal structure. It is a quantum of a sound wave.
  • magnon
    Collective excitation associated with the electrons' spin structure in a crystal lattice. It is a quantum of a spin wave.
  • roton
    Collective excitation associated with the rotation of a fluid (often a superfluid). It is a quantum of a vortex.
  • plasmon
    Collective excitation, which is the quantum of plasma oscillations (wherein all the electrons simultaneously oscillate with respect to all the ions).
  • polaron
    A quasiparticle which comes about when an electron interacts with the polarization of its surrounding ions

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