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J and H Aggregates (Read 9019 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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J and H Aggregates
03.07.12 at 21:51:31
J and H Aggregates
Aggregates  (dyes) in  solution  exhibit  distinct  changes  in  the  absorption  band  as compared   to   the   monomeric   species.   From   the   spectral   shifts,   various aggregation  patterns  in  different  media  have  been  proposed.   
  • bathrochromically  shifted  J‐bands  (J  for  Jelly,  one  of  the  first  workers  who investigated   these   shifts)   
    J-bands are red shifted
    Head to tail arrangment
  • hypsochromically   shifted   H‐bands   (H   for hypsochromic)  of  the  aggregates  have  been  explained  in  terms  of  molecular exciton  coupling  theory,  i.e.,  coupling  of  transition  moments  of  the  constituent dye molecules.   
    H-bands are blue shifted.
    Parallel arrangment
    The  aggregates  that  exhibit  J‐bands  in  their  absorption  spectrum  are called J aggregates and H aggregates exhibit these H bands. 
    Source: 0courses/cy306-structure-and-energetics-of-biomolecules/presentations/H-%20and%20J-%20Aggregates.pdf
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