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Books of the bible: Wisdom books (Read 9328 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Books of the bible: Wisdom books
08.03.12 at 08:17:29
Books of the bible: Wisdom books
  • Job  
    "Why do the righteous suffer?"
    -The story of Job.  
    -His trials at the hands of Satan  
    -His discussions with friends on the origins and nature of his suffering.
        Shall we receive good from God and shall not receive evil?"
    -His challenge to God.
    -A response from God.  
        God responds saying that there are so many things Job does not know about.
           How this world was formed  
           or how nature works
           , that Job should consider God as being greater...
    further information:
  • Psalms [Psalmen (NL)]
    Approximately 150 poems expressing virtually the full range of religious faith.
    further information:
  • Proverbs [Spreuken (NL)]
    Wisdom (or the wise person) is compared and contrasted with foolishness (or the fool).  
    'Fool' in Proverbs indicates one who is lacking in wisdom and uninterested in instruction.
    Why the need to contrast the wise with the fool to indicate wisdom? Would just teaching the wise not be enough?
    Selected quotes from Proverbs:
    Further information:
  • (Prayer of Manasseh)
    Further information:
  • Ecclesiastes [Prediker  (NL)]  
    Autobiographic matter from the 'Preacher', the son of David, king in Jerusalem.
    Reflections on the meaning of life and the best way to live.
  • The belief that the individual can and should proceed toward truth by means of his own powers of perception and reasoning; and that he can in this way discover truths previously unknown.  
  • He does not look to revelation or tradition for guidance. He believes that he can discover what is good to do in life by acquiring wisdom and using it to examine and contemplate the world.
    Prediker 1: 2-11 - Lucht en leegte  
    Prediker 1:12-2:26 - Onderzoek naar wijsheid en dwaasheid  
    Prediker 3:16-4:6 - Onrecht en onderdrukking  
    Prediker 4: 7-12 - Beter met zijn tweeën dan alleen  
    Prediker 4:17-5:6 - Los je geloften in  
    Prediker  5: 7-8 - Ambtenaren beschermen elkaar  
    Prediker 5:9-6:12 - Rijkdom is leegte  
    Prediker  7: 1-29 - Wijsheden  
    Prediker  8: 1-17 - De zin van wat God doet  
    Prediker  9: 1-12 - De vreugde van het leven
    Prediker 9:13-10:20 - Dwaasheden
    Prediker 11:1-12:8 - Gedenk je schepper in je jeugd
    Prediker 12: 9-14 - Heb ontzag voor God
    Selected quotes from Ecclesiastes :
    Ecclesiastes 1-8:
    Ecclesiastes 9-12:  
    Further information:
  • Song of Songs [Hooglied (NL)]
    This book lacks explicit religious content.
    Parable of the relationship of God and Israel, or for Christians, Christ and the Church or Christ and the human soul, as husband and wife.
    Further information:
  • (Wisdom)
    further information:
  • (Sirach)
    Further information:
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