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Clarify what EncOffice does (Read 3300 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Clarify what EncOffice does
05.02.12 at 12:13:46
Clarify what EncOffice does
Is the primary use of EncOffice to prevent unauthorized viewing of a document or unauthorized modification of a document. I want to send word documents to clients, I want them to be able to read it but I don't want them to modify it. I understand that the password protection built into MS word can be easily deleted. If I make a document read only with your software, how hard is it modify without authorization. Thanks

encOffice prevents unauthorised viewing of the documents. After the recipient decrypted the document they can do with it whatever they like. To prevent someone to save the document without encryption is difficult. One could just select all the text and paste it into another document. If you want such high protection I suggest you look at PDF documents. A printed PDF suffers the same problem but if you make a PDF document from a scan then the PDF contains images and therefore it cannot be altered or copied onto the clipboard as text.
For spreadsheets we have the ExcelLock software. Apart from encryption that software also locks down Excel when the document is viewed. We don't have the equivalent for Word however.
For more informationa bout encOffice see:
For more information about ExcelLock see:
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