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Parameters and runtime error 91 (Read 4665 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
YaBB Administrator

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Parameters and runtime error 91
29.01.12 at 14:56:55
Parameters and runtime error 91
Receive runtime error 91, Object variable or With block variable not set when executing this code

With SQLXL.database.Parameters.Bindvariables("FY")
.Value = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(1, 1).Value
.Mode = litTypeVarChar2
.Mode = litParamIn
End With

Query worked perfectly until upgrading to SQLXL5. Nothing else has changed. Code still works perfectly on other PCs still using SQLXL4.

The Parameters collection have been moved to the statement and they are not a member of the database class anymore.
Please review the following example where I have recorded the running of the following statement: select:myvar
I hope it is self explanatory.
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Macro recorded 29/01/2012 by Gerrit-Jan

  SQLXL.Sql.setText "select :myvar"
  Set SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1).Target = SQLXL.Targets(litExcel)
  SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1).OptimiseForLargeQuery = False
  With SQLXL.Targets(litExcel)
    .AutoFilter = False
    .AutoFit = True
    .Headings = True
    .Sort = False
    .StartFromCell = "$C$8"
    .Transpose = False
    .SQLInNote = True
    .ShowNote = True
    .FormatData = True
    .FreezePanes = False
    .PasteInsert = False
  End With
  SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1).BindVariables.Add "myvar"
  With SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1)
    .ShowParametersDlg = False
    .ShowResultsetDlg = False
  End With
  With SQLXL.Sql.Statements(1).BindVariables("myvar")
    .DataType = litTypeOther
    .Mode = litParamInOut
    .Value = "44"
  End With
End Sub

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