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Books of the bible: Historical books (Read 5990 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Books of the bible: Historical books
29.01.12 at 11:10:27
Books of the bible: Historical books
Historical books

  • Joshua [Jozua (NL)]
    The entry of the Israelites into Canaan and their conquest of it under their leader Joshua.
    Their conquest and division of the land under the leadership of Joshua.
    Serving God in the land.
    The story of the campaigns of the Israelites in central, southern and northern Canaan and their destruction of their enemies is followed by thestory of the division of the conquered land among the twelve tribes. The story contains speeches by God and Joshua commanding the conquest and at the end warning of the need for faithful obedience of the Law (torah) revealed to Moses.
    Almost all scholars agree that the book of Joshua holds little historical value for early Israel and most likely reflects a much later period.
    Rather than being written as history, the Deuteronomistic history - Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings - was intended to illustrate a theological scheme in which Israel and her leaders are judged by their obedience to the teachings and laws (the covenant) set down in the book of Deuteronomy.
    Further information:
  • Judges [Rechters (NL)]
    The history of Biblical judges; divinely inspired leaders.
    The people are unfaithful to Yahweh and he therefore delivers them into the hands of their enemies.
    The people repent and entreat Yahweh for mercy, which he sends in the form of a judge.
    Further information:
    Suicide mission of Simson: Judges 16:29
    Horrific: Judges 19:24 (19:29 ...)
  • Ruth
    Further information:
  • 1 Samuel (1 Kingdoms)
    Contains the story of David and Goliat: 1 Samual 17:1-17:50.
    Further information:
  • 2 Samuel (2 Kingdoms)
    Further information:
  • 1 Koningen (3 Kingdoms)
    It concludes a series of historical books running from Joshua through Judges and Samuel
    The overall purpose  is to provide a theological explanation for the destruction of the Jewish kingdom by Babylon in 586 BCE and a foundation for a return from exile.
    Further information:
  • 2 Koningen (4 Kingdoms)
    Further information:
  • 1 Chronicals [1 Kronieken (NL)]
    Chronicles summarizes and reviews the deuteronomic history of the foregoing books
    Further information:
    Praise the lord: 1 Chronicals 16:8-16:36
    First mention of Satan: 1 Chronicals 21:1 (census)
  • 2 Kronieken [2 Kronieken (NL)]
    The building of the temple by Salomo.
    Further information:
  • Ezra (1 Esdras)
    Return to Zion following the close of the Babylonian captivity.  
    Two parts
    1. - the story of the first return of exiles in the first year of Cyrus the Great (538 BCE)  
        - the completion and dedication of the new Temple in Jerusalem in the sixth year of Darius (515 BCE)
    2. mission of Ezra to Jerusalem and his struggle to purify the Jews from the sin of marriage with non-Jews
    Further information:
  • Nehemia (2 Esdras)
    Renewal of the convenant. Nehemia 9:1-10:1
    Further information:

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