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Thomas Aquinas' proofs (Read 5194 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Thomas Aquinas' proofs
17.12.11 at 16:06:20
Thomas Aquinas' proofs
Five 'proofs' asserted by Thomas Aquinas for the existance of God and Richard Dawkins' disproofs. The first three involve infinite disgress - the answer to a question raises a prior question and so on ad infinitum. It is assumed by Thomas Aquinas that God is immune to the regress and he is called to terminate the regress.
  • The unmoved mover
    Nothing moves without a prior mover.
  • The uncaused causer
    Nothing is caused by itself. Every effect has a prior cause.
  • The cosmological argument
    There must have been a time when no physical things existed. But, since physical things exist now, there must have been something non-physical to bring them into existence
  • The argument from degree
    There are degrees of, say, goodness or perfection. But we judge these degrees only by comparison with a maximum (=God). Dawkins: substitute goodness with smelliness...
  • The theological argument or argument from design
    Nothing that we know looks designed unless it is designed. Therefore there must have been a designer
    Dawkins: Thanks to Darwin, it is no longer true to say that nothing that we know  looks  designed  unless  it  is  designed.
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