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litLIB: ballstick molecule models (Read 6435 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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litLIB: ballstick molecule models
25.11.11 at 10:01:52
litLIB: ballstick molecule models
The litLIB library with Excel functions contains a hidden function that can draw ballstick models. It is hidden as the code is not 100% stable. Nevertheless I chose to mention it here. In some instances the function may crash Excel.  
Function specification:
=BallStick( molecule, alpha, beta, gamma)
molecule: the range with the molecule data:
column 1: atom type (e.g. H, C, O, N, etc)
column 2-4: x, y, z coordinates in Angstrom
alpha, beta, gamma: angles with which the model can be rotated in degrees.
=BallStick( A1:D10 , 0, 0, 0)
Before entering the cell ensure that the cell is large. Modify the height and width so it can reasonably draw the diagram in it. You can also merge a set of cells and use the formula in the large merged cell.
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