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Calling Oracle Stored Procedures (Read 3734 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Calling Oracle Stored Procedures
23.09.11 at 10:18:56
Calling Oracle Stored Procedures
I tried to call a oracle procedure that exist in a package. SQL-XL always failed when I tried to do it. I tried to do it using two methods.

First method:
Call Application.Run("SQLXL.xla!SQLExecute", "Execute PACKAGE1.procedure1('MyString');")

Second method:
sqlxl.Sql.SetText Text:= "Execute PACKAGE1.procedure1('MyString');"

Both methods failed. Do you have any suggestion on how I can call a procedure in a package.

The second method should have worked. The semi colon is unnecessary and may confuse it.  
Is it sql server that you use?

Im using oracle.

Im creating a dummy package in oracle which is technically just do nothing.

I called this package using Toad/SQL plus. It works fine.

But when I called it using SQL-XL with the following method, it gave an exception.
sqlxl.Sql.SetText Text:= "Execute GATES.TEST.MyProcedure1('isenabled')"

Perhaps the problem is that it is not really Oracle syntax. Try:
setText Text:="begin gates.test.myprocedure1('isenabled'); end"
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