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Timeout (Read 3894 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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23.09.11 at 09:46:57
I have a question concerning a limitation on the number of rows that is being drawn during an extract. Is their a limitation?

No, there is no restriction. When the end of the sheet is reached it will continue on the next sheet.  
This has not been the results that I have seen. It is only going to 5055 rows and then stopping.

Try to revise the sql query to:
Select count(*) from ( original_sql)  
That should tell you how many rows to expect.  

I just got a timeout – I have some queries that can take 10 minutes or so…
Is there somewhere I can adjust timeout time?

There are time-out options. You can set additional options if you build a connection yourself using the data link properties wizard. A link can be found in the new connections screen in the software. Note that the options are different for each driver.

When I use the wizard, it does not place the timeout that entered, into the string.
So, I am adding ";General Timeout = 900" to the end of the string, but still timeouts after about 30 seconds.

Something else I should be doing??

The driver, I assume you are speaking of is the SQL Server 'Provider'. It gives me option of changing "Connect Timeout" and "General Timeout", not sure what else I should be trying...

There is an information page with more detail on this. There are driver options but also program options. In addition there could also be options in the database server that SQL*XL cannot change. It may be worth to ask your DBA whether there are limits set for you.
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