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Using SQL files (Read 3174 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Using SQL files
29.07.11 at 08:39:37
Using SQL files
What is not immediately obvious to me is the best process for saving sql files so that they can easily be reloaded and run ?

Could you suggested the appropriate way to let the user save and open queries ?

You can use the SQL Favorites for this. In this menu you can add the last executed SQL as a favorite. It will just get created as a .sql text file on your hard disk. You can manually open it in a text editor and change its contents.
Sharing with colleages is possible. They just need to put the file in their SQL Favorites folder. Alternatively you can share a favorites location. Just point each user to that SQL Favorites location. You will find an option in the program settings.
You can also run .sql files outside of the SQL Favorites menu. Using the run or @ command you can run a file. For example if you run the following command in SQL*XL it will execute the my.sql file: @c:\my.sql.
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