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Hybridisation and angles (Read 2663 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Hybridisation and angles
22.07.11 at 18:11:12
Hybridisation and angles
hybridisation : sp
number of electron pairs: 2
shape :  linear
angle: 180
hybridisation : sp2
number of electron pairs: 3
shape :  trigonal planar
angle: 120
hybridisation : sp3
number of electron pairs: 4
shape :  tetrahedral
angle: 109.5
hybridisation : dsp3
number of electron pairs: 5
shape :  trigonalbipyramidal
angle: 120 and 90
hybridisation : d2sp3
number of electron pairs: 6
shape :  octahedral
angle:  90
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