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Execute SQLQueryValue using Application.Run (Read 3220 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Execute SQLQueryValue using Application.Run
11.07.11 at 15:52:38
Execute SQLQueryValue using Application.Run
In my VBA macro code I am trying to use the SQLQueryValue function as follows:

sqlStmt = "Select DB.PACKAGE.get_person_role_assign(UPPER('userID'))
ROLE_ID from dual"

When I ran it in SQL*XL:

getSqlDataString = Application.Run("sqlxl.xla!SQLQueryValue", sqlStmt,

It gave the following error:

getSqlDataString = "#SQL*XL Universal error: unhandled error (please
report): 424:Object required"

It was not the intention for the SQL*XL functions to be used in this way. The usage is intended in Excel cell formulas.
I have programmed a workaround to it will be possible for you to run the function in this way. I have restricted it to only return one value (row 1, column 1).
It will be released in SQL*XL 5.0.10.
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