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Deltaprim (Read 34469 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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08.05.11 at 10:23:32
Deltaprim is a malaria prophylactic.
Deltaprim is also known and sold under the name Maloprim and Malosone (in the UK).  
There have beens several reports of a rare, but serious side effect called "agranulosis", an acute blood disorder  characterized by severe reduction in granulocytes (
This medicine is well tolerated but may occasionally cause side effects in some people.  
Side effects:
  • An infection, such as a cold or chest infection;  
  • Nails, lips, ear-tips or cheeks become bluish in colour (cyanosis);
  • Losing weight, or start feeling more tired than normal;  
  • The colour of your urine changes;  
  • Insomnia (inability to sleep);  
  • Skin reaction, such as rash or irritation;  
  • Bruising, or bleeding more easily;  
  • If you develop a high temperature, muscular pain or chills;  
  • If the whites of your eyes and your skin turns a yellow colour (jaundice);  
  • If you start behaving oddly or hallucinating;  
  • Dapsone can also cause changes in bone marrow production, dapsone (sulphone) syndrome, hypoalbuminaemia and motor neuropathy
    Deltaprim is a combination of Dapsone and pyrimethamine.

    • Dapsone
      An antibiotic used for the treatment of leprosy and malaria.
      Side effects include blood disorders, rashes, gastrointestinal upset, headache, and psychiatric disturbances.
    • Pyrimethamine
      A drug that prevents the replication of the parasite that causes malaria.
      Side effects include rashes and insomnia; because pyrimethamine interferes with folic acid metabolism (the antifolate effect) there is a risk of anaemia or other blood disorders.
      Side effects (Dutch):
      zelden misselijkheid, braken, diarree, abdominale pijn, hematurie en hartritmestoornissen. Toxoplasmosebehandeling: afwijkingen in het bloedbeeld (leukopenie, agranulocytose, trombocytopenie, megaloblastaire anemie). De kans op megaloblastaire anemie of trombocytopenie wordt verminderd door gelijktijdige toediening van calciumfolinaat. In het begin van de behandeling komen in het algemeen misselijkheid, abdominale pijn, braken en diarree voor. Verder: lichtovergevoeligheid, atrofische glossitis, gastritis, duizeligheid, koorts, malaise, dermatitis, abnormale huidpigmentatie, depressie, ataxie, tremoren en convulsies.

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