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Open files on system i (Read 2965 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Open files on system i
03.02.11 at 21:48:17
Open files on system i
Here an other question applying to connections with our System i;
when I conect to System i and do a cell-query like
"=SQLQueryValueVolatile(select * from mytable)", table "mytable" keeps
opend by corresponding servertask on System i.
Files on System i are closed when disconnecting with SQL*XL.
Do you know a way to automatically close files after selects without
disconnecting the user?

This is an interesting observation. Which database type is this?
we use i5/OS Version 6, Release 1 Mod. 0 (V6R1M0) running IBMs DB/2
database. To connect to this database, I use sub "DB_Connect" which you
will find in attached code.

I advice you to have a look at the connection settings. You can build your own connection using the data link properties wizard. You find a button on the new connection window in SQL*XL.
Try to find a property about transactions. Perhaps if you can disable transactions that the files are not kept open. Or perhaps if you try a read-only connection?
The files are probably locked because a connection is updatable. Data that is retrieved is usually changeable. So any updates have to be able to be sent back to the database. That is why my suggestion is to try to make a read-only transaction less connection.
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