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Multiple sheets and scheduling (Read 2905 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Multiple sheets and scheduling
03.02.11 at 21:26:11
Multiple sheets and scheduling
We have data in Excel having multiple sheets coming from different branches. Each Excel file has first sheet containing data regarding branch, reporting date etc., other sheets have different reports. Column formats in different sheets are common for all branches only number of rows may differ. We need to update each sheet in a different table along-with header information of the first sheet. Once we have this data in a tables for all branches, reporting and analysis will be easier. Currently it is a massive task and requires resources and time.

How we can do this sample PoC with may be 2 sheets data in a table? Also is it possible to schedule this activity as well? Your early response will help us to schedule a meeting with management. I wish to give PoC before this month-end.

Populating multiple tabs:
You can run multiple statements in one batch automatically directing the output.  
Sql can be run in batch by separating the sql with a semicolon.  
Positioning the output can be done with a to clause.  
Consider this example:
Select * from t1 to sheet1!A1;
Select * from t2 to sheet2!A1;
You can open a xls file on the windows scheduler.  
A simpel macro call can start the process in the Workbook_open method.
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