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Anderson localisation (Read 2492 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Anderson localisation
19.01.11 at 21:19:51
Anderson localisation
In stochastic processes, Anderson localization (strong localization) is the absence of diffusion of waves in a disordered medium.  
Anderson localisation is the possibility of electron localization inside a semiconductor, provided that the degree of randomness of the impurities or defects is sufficiently large.  
Anderson localization is a general wave phenomenon that applies to the transport of electromagnetic waves, acoustic waves, quantum waves, spin waves, etc. This phenomenon is to be distinguished from weak localization, which is the precursor effect of Anderson localization.  
This phenomenon finds its origin in the wave interference between multiple-scattering paths. In the strong scattering limit, the severe interferences can completely halt the waves inside the disordered medium.
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