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Protecting interconnected Word and Excel documents (Read 3139 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Protecting interconnected Word and Excel documents
07.01.11 at 10:45:33
Protecting interconnected Word and Excel documents
I have tried encOffice and what I saw is that each file is password protected, which is partially ok for me.
But, when you open the file with a password, you are able to change the content which I want to avoid!
Let's review my demands:
- all excel sheets are password protected except one which is used for entering of data
- word document is linked to tables from excel

1. I want to protect excel file from being modified except one sheet where data has to be entered
2. I want word file to be totally protected and only printing possible

So far, I liked ExcelLock more because it hides completely all toolbars of excel, BUT I'm still thinking how to make a word document 'read-only'....
I am open for your suggestions.

I think there is an inherent problem here.
On the one hand you want your spreadsheet to be protected and locked down. On the other hand you want the spreadsheet to be shared with the Word document. ExcelLock will not allow Word to do that.
The second problem is with Word. You want it to be totally read only. encOffice will not do this. encOffice can only add encyption and a strong password.
However there is a solution but I need to ask you to be flexible. Why don't you convert your Word document into a new tab in your spreadsheet. You can make the sheet totally protected so no changes can be applied. The formulas in the text will work to retrieve the information from other sheets. Now ExcelLock can ben used and protect everything.
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